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Smart Traction

Ideal for any traction or isometric movements.

Can be used as stand alone or in combination with flywheel/eccentric overload machines or elastic bands.

Also records the peak force and power related parameters. adding an advanced dimension to muscle testing.

It provides a wealth of information to assist physicians and researchers with planning treatment/rehab, evaluating progress, managing cases and rating impairment.

Product details

The software allows the creation of athlete/patient profiles, in order to track their training history and evaluations, and also displays the training feedback in real time: force curve, peak force and explosiveness parameters.

The reports generated by the software allows side to side comparisons (calculation of lateral strength deficits), and agonist/antagonist ratios. Several groin related tests/exercises are already incorporated in the software and allow the trainer/physician to follow the athlete/patient history and evolution.


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  • NexSo Software – Excellence

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