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The NexSo App

NexSo is the world’s most advanced software for flywheel devices and force platforms. Connect to Neuroexcellence products wirelessly and experience up to 200hz data sampling.

Its a one size fits all, with one app you’ll be able to control all of Neuroexcellence product line.

Real time feedback with a new meaning

Depending on the product and NexSo sensor kit you connect to, NexSo will render the view filtering the unused metrics. Real Ground Force Reactions will be recorded with force platforms, as well as, speed metrics based on the axis angular speed.

Autonomous concentric/eccentric phase detection

In the Excellence product line, NexSo is capable to autodetect the concentric/eccentric phases of the dynamic exercises. Simplify the process and easily assess the athlete performance by phase.

Designed to fulfill the user’s needs

Track your maximum force, power, speed and acceleration results, as well as, your output imbalance, either as a bilateral deficit, agonist/antagonist ratio or concentric to eccentric relation.
Monitor your reps and their predominance and even set goals or work zones with the “effort lines” feature.

Donwload it now!

Just scan the correspondent QR Code, and follow the installation instructions.
Or click on the button bellow:

Android | iOS

Striving for Excellence

With a multidisplinary development team, Neuroexcellence has created a full circle environment that will change the way that training is monitored. We ensure your ecosystem is connected in a single source point (the NexSo App), where you can control and monitor your training, in a fully omnichannel experience.

UX Design – concived for ultimate ease of use

When in training all seconds count, stop wasting precious time with over complicated configurations! NexSo was designed to significantly decrease the time lost on software manipulation, allowing trainers to focus on the athlete while increasing the data quality sampled from the exercise.

In app analysis

Smart tracking of historical changes in the athlete’s performance in all of Neuroexcellence product line;
Powerful tool to track Power, Speed, Acceleration, RFD, IES and Force metrics progression;
Training management interface (the athlete will receive the training routine and schedule);
By the end of the session the coach has full access to the session report.

Monitor individual and group results

Fast tool to compare individual and group results, choose up to 6 metrics to assess the
group, automatically calculates deficit percentage, supports all of Neuroexcellence’s product line.

Change the paradigm

Join the crew that sails the crest of the technology wave and experience the 1st wireless flywheel monitoring app in the WORLD that combines multiple sensors at exhilarating speeds.

The train doesn’t stop here, Neuroexcellence is using continuous delivery project management frameworks. So every time you log in, you may encounter new cool features that will surely improve your routines.

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