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Smart Nordic Trainer

Ergonomic and easy to use, the Smart Nordic Trainer is a tool for fast and reliable Hamstring strength assessment. ​ ​

Perfect solution for dynamic or isometric contractions. ​

Isometric, eccentric and symmetry strength assessments are a gold standard procedure for hamstrings injuries rehabilitation ​

Nordic hamstrings exercises contributes for longer fascicle length, in what as been associated with greater sprinting performance.


Product details

Integrated with NexSo, evaluate the neuromuscular performance, as well as, left to right legs force deficits

The two force platforms allow conditioning coaches and therapists to more effectively evaluate and track the neuromuscular performance of their athletes. The two force platforms can be used to assess strength and power asymmetries in unilateral, bilateral and isometric exercises or tests.

The Smart Nordic Trainer provides an additional level of intelligence on an athlete’s neuromuscular status by evaluating the force distribution between left and right limbs during double-limb exercises.

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  • NexSo Software – Excellence

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