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Acceleration Squat Excellence

Acceleration Squat Excellence is a device for neuromuscular performance training based on the Flywheel system, ideal for eccentric overload training.

It is optimized for the training of movements such as squats, frontal and side lunges, bulgarian lunges and single leg squats.

It allows training with a strong application of horizontal force, with also a important switch to functional movements such as quick starts, quick stops and changes of direction. Excellent applications for upper body strength training and power transfers.

Our strap and low friction systems allows a cleaner feeling of the load providing a more intense training input. In addition the Acceleration Squat proprietary (Patent Pending) rollers system offer the possibility of multiple movements in different directions without interference in the load applied or unusual wear of the strap.

Product details

This software provides real time feedback of the force, power, acceleration and speed being applied. The two force platforms allow conditioning coaches and therapists to more effectively evaluate and track the neuromuscular performance of their athletes. The two force platforms can be used to assess strength and power asymmetries in unilateral, bilateral and isometric exercises or tests.

The Acceleration Squat Excellence provides an additional level of intelligence on an athlete’s neuromuscular status by evaluating the force distribution between left and right limbs during double-limb exercises.

Comes with

  • Bilateral Force Platforms (500kg Capatity)
  • High Resolution Encoder
  • NexSo Software – Excellence
  • 3 Inertial Disks Size L(0,1 kg.m^2) and M(0,05 kg.m^2), S (0.025 kg.m^2)
  • 2 Harness
  • 1 Hand Grip
  • 2 Oblique Ramp
  • 1 Stabilizing Plateform

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