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Acceleration Pulley Fast

Acceleration Pulley Fast is a similar unit to the portable model but made for personal use, allowing the trainer a quicker and easier hand carry.

This device is designed to offer a better resistance in exercises where the main goal is to train the speed of movements.

Product details

The software is not included in the pricing.

However, upon request, it can be added NexSo Rotary Encoder Pack.

With this sensorization the software will provide you real time feedback on power, acceleration and linear speed.

With this feedback, you’ll be able to track your performance by phase (concentric/eccentric) and by repetition in a historic and group perspective.

Comes with

  • High Resolution Encoder (Optional)
  • NexSo Software – Excellence (Optional)
  • 1 Hand Grip
  • 1 Ankle Support
  • 8 Inertial Loads
  • 1 Ropeman
  • 1 Carabiners

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