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Acceleration Calf Raise

NexSo software provides real time feedback of the force, power, acceleration and linear speed being applied.

The two force platforms allow conditioning coaches and therapists to more effectively evaluate and track the neuromuscular performance of their athletes. The two force platforms can be used to assess strength and power asymmetries in unilateral, bilateral and isometric exercises or tests.

The Acceleration Calf Raise provides an additional level of intelligence on an athlete’s neuromuscular status by evaluating the force distribution between left and right limbs during double-limb exercises.

Product details

Acceleration Calf Raise is a extremely powerful tool for Calf training.

Capable of producing supra-maximal forces and thus expose the trainee to eccentric overload.

Excellent for isometrics, fantastic tool for pre activation in athletes suffering from Achilles or ankle pain.

Easily adjust the device for different dorsiflexion/plantar flexion work profiles.

During ground contact, soleus regulates knee flexion by controlling tibial movements in relation to the foot, and therefore the floor. In later stance, soleus decelerates the leg through its action at the ankle, and propels the trunk forwards through its plantarflexor function, producing vertical forces approaching eight times body weight.

Soleus is the muscle with higher force production ability in what concerns having a “protective” effect to the ACL. 

Comes with

  • 2 Inertial Disks Size L(0,1 kg.m^2) and M(0,05 kg.m^2)
  • Bilateral Force Platforms
  • High Resolution Rotary Encoder
  • NexSo Software – Excellence

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